Auschwitz Lullaby

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About the Book

In 1943 Germany, Helene is just about to wake up her children to go to school when a group of policemen break into her house. The policemen want to haul away her gypsy husband and their five children. The police tell Helene that as a German she does not have to go with them, but she decides to share the fate of her family. After convincing her children that they are going off to a vacation place, so as to calm them, the entire family is deported to Auschwitz.

For being German, they are settled in the first barracks of the Gypsy Camp. The living conditions are extremely harsh, but at least she is with her five children. A few days after their arrival, Doctor Mengele comes to pay her a visit, having noticed on her entry card that she is a nurse. He proposes that she direct the camp’s nursery. The facilities would be set up in Barrack 29 and Barrack 31, one of which would be the nursery for newborn infants and the other for children over six years old.

Helene, with the help of two Polish Jewish prisoners and four gypsy mothers, organizes the buildings. Though Mengele provides them with swings, Disney movies, school supplies, and food, the people are living in crowded conditions under extreme conditions. And less than 400 yards away, two gas chambers are exterminating thousands of people daily.

For sixteen months, Helene lives with this reality, desperately trying to find a way to save her children. Auschwitz Lullaby is a story of perseverance, of hope, and of strength in one of the most horrific times in history.Product Details

ISBN-13 9780785219958

320 Pages

El Club de los Martes

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Pasión por los libros, por las buenas historias que te enganchan hasta hacerse tuyas: eso es lo que comparten cinco mujeres que, lideradas por la doctora Alexandra Byrne, se reúnen cada martes en la Central Library de Seattle para participar en charlas entusiastas sobre tramas y personajes.

Lo que estas independientes mujeres ignoran es que sus debates ficticios van a adquirir un tinte mucho más real cuando una de ellas, Wilda, agente del FBI, las involucre en la resolución del caso de un asesino en serie que está sembrando el terror en las calles de la ciudad.

Embarcadas en una investigación paralela, lo que comenzó como un inofensivo club de lectura se transforma en un juego macabro y estremecedor que pondrá sus vidas en peligro y someterá su amistad a la más dura de las pruebas: la traición.

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